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5 New Acer TravelMate Business Laptops, Now with Centrino 2


Taking business performance to the next level, the new Acer TravelMate laptops - the 6293, 5730, 7730, 6593, and 6493 models - are being released with with Centrino 2 Duo technology. The 12.1-inch TravelMate 6293 laptop (pictured) combines the power of the Centrino 2 Duo processor with up to 4BG RAM, 320GB HDD, an optical drive, integrated webcam, Bluetooth and 802.11 a/b/g/n to keep you connected while on the move. Next on the roster, the 14.1-inch TravelMate 6493 laptop boasts an Intel Core 2 Duo vPro processor, Intel 64 architecture, and Intel Virtualization technology. Additional specs include up to 4GB RAM, a 320 GB HDD, an optical drive and WiMax. The bigger TravelMate 6593 laptop measures 15.4-inches, and tightens up security with Intel’s Centrino 2 vPro. The TravelMate 6493 offers some options in an ATI Mobility Radeon graphics card or Intel’s integrated graphics. More choices come with mobile broadband and WiMax. The laptop is equipped with a 320GB HDD, an optical drive and a media bay that lets you swap up the hard drive, optical drive or secondary battery. The TravelMate 5730 laptop is similar to the 6593, available with a choice of ATI Mobility Radeon or NVIDA GeForce graphics and optional Blu-ray. Saving the biggest for last, the TravelMate 7730 laptop is a desktop replacement boasting a big, 17-inch display with up to 4GB RAM, the choice between NVIDA and ATI graphics, and an integrated optical drive. Pricing for these new TravelMate laptops is not yet available. Acer
via Laptop Magazine

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